The Big Band

    • Paul Burch

      Paul Burch

      Musical Director and Band Leader

      Paul Burch has put together a big band in London that creates the same kind of energy, excitement and style of the greatest big band of the past era. Paul has hand picked musicians with impeccable reputations & experience. He called upon musicians & friends who had played together from his time playing with The Coldstream Guards and playing with bands on-board luxury cruise liners. The band members have performed with some of the biggest names in the music business & have played in many West End Musicals. After assembling the musicians & taking it name from the London street that has been the heart of British music scene, The Denmark Street Big Band was born.

  • Saxophones

    • Aldevis Tibaldi

      Aldevis Tibaldi

    • Bob McKay

      Bob McKay

    • Colin Welch

      Colin Welch

    • Frank White

      Frank White

    • John McKillup

      John McKillup

    • Nick Charles

      Nick Charles

    • Paul Thomas

      Paul Thomas

    • Phil Mercer

      Phil Mercer

    • Stuart McDonald

      Stuart McDonald

  • Trumpets

    • Adam Furness

      Adam Furness

    • Andy Gibson

      Andy Gibson

    • David Mian

      David Mian

    • Hugh Pascal

      Hugh Pascal

    • Jeff Brown

      Jeff Brown

    • John Eacott

      John Eacott

    • Matt Yardley

      Matt Yardley

    • Paul Mason

      Paul Mason

    • Scott Lashbrook

      Scott Lashbrook

    • Sid Gauld

      Sid Gauld

    • Tony O'Malley

      Tony O'Malley

    • Jan Zawada

      Jan Zawada

  • Trombones

    • Andy Frew

      Andy Frew

    • Andy McKay

      Andy McKay

    • Dave Pearce

      Dave Pearce

    • George Simmonds

      George Simmonds

    • George Wrench

      George Wrench

    • Graeme Boyd

      Graeme Boyd

    • Jeff Mason

      Jeff Mason

    • Sam Sankey

      Sam Sankey

    • Ted Cullen

      Ted Cullen

  • Rhythm

    • Ben Croft

      Ben Croft


    • Chris Neill

      Chris Neill


    • Doug Grannell

      Doug Grannell


    • Eric Rupert

      Eric Rupert


    • Gary Mullins

      Gary Mullins


    • Gary Mullins

      Gary Mullins


    • Gary O’Toole

      Gary O’Toole


    • Josh Law

      Josh Law


    • Manolo



    • Neil Brockelhurst

      Neil Brockelhurst


    • Shane Allessio

      Shane Allessio


    • Tommy Clayden

      Tommy Clayden


  • Special Guests

    • Tatiana


  • In memory of...

    • Steve Dawson

      Steve Dawson

      In memory of Steve Dawson, who sadly passed away in 2014.